Message from the President


I was elected President of Tokyo Waterworks International Co., Ltd on February 19th 2014. .

Our company goal is to play a part of international contributions in the waterworks business, which the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Waterworks Bureau promotes, as a member of the Tokyo Waterworks Group, using the high level technology and operational know-how, that has been developed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Waterworks Bureau across the years.

Although working with organizations from various countries, poses many challenges, we are committed to helping countries and regions that have difficulties in accessing safe water or which have serious challenges in operating their waterworks, dispite any problems, which may occur, we will always try our utmost to successfully implemente projects.

We look forward to the exceptional and continued support and encouragement from our affiliate organizations and water business companies.


Tokyo Waterworks International   Co., Ltd

Representative Director President  Atsushi Masuko



Our Company

Corporate Name

Tokyo Waterworks International Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as TWI)

Headquarters Address

Shinjuku Green Tower Building 5F, 6-14-1 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0023
TEL.+81-3-5320-9541(Main) FAX.+81-3-5320-9790


April 11, 2012

Representative Director


Atsushi Masuko




TSS Tokyo Water Co., Ltd.(51% of the share owned by TMWB)